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Aareal First Financial Solutions AG, Mainz

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Aareal First Financial Solutions AG, Mainz

New Configuration of Office Spaces in Mainz


Aareal First Financial Solutions AG



Project description:

In the same building, in which 2009/2011 rooms for residence of Aareon AG were built, the office spaces for Aareal First Financial Solutions AG, are being remodeled for another a additional enterprise of the Aareal Bank Group. In order to obtain a general perspective of both cooperate branches, the design will take in the form language and color spectrum, employing these however in conscious variation. The room arrangement of exterior position workstations and common usable central zone remains. Open project working areas supplement the established communication zones such as coffee and meeting points. The framework built in the middle separates the two large glassed offices spaces visually and establishes through its alteration of closed rooms and open areas simultaneously for an interconnection of the entire area. Woven floor carpets in natural tones of various brightness's subdivide the various zones additionally. Rust tones are taken up as color accent in upholstered furniture and lend a warm accent to the design of the furnishings as well as wooden surfaces in cherry tree appearance.