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Waterworks Weyer Multistage treatment of well water

Project title:

Waterworks Weyer Multistage treatment of well water

Reconstruction (deferrization/demanganizing, nano filtration, aktive charcoal)


Zweckverband zur Wasserversorgung Rhön-Maintal-Gruppe


Tragwerksplanung, Wasserversorgung

Project description:

The potable water supply of the southern area of the service area of the Rhön Main Valley Group relies on the water coming from processing plant on the Main River near Weyer. In order to increase of the productivity of the three well galleries and for the reduction of the water hardness currently the Main water from the Forster Bay, through seepage basins and the "Large Lake" southwest the well seeps away. The raw water obtained is processed in the water supply works Weyer (processing capacity max. 180 l/sec = 648 cbm/h) into potable water and then is distributed to the elevated reservoirs of Gochsheim, elevated reservoir of Euerheim and elevated reservoir Kreuzberg (Schonungen). In order to make the production of the water to the greatest extent independent from the quality of the Main water, momentarily the ground water enrichment with Main water will be stopped. Therefore is to be reckoned with an increase of the hardness of the raw water being produced, which makes the employment of a central water softening facility necessary. For the determination of the geologic conditions in the areas surrounding the existing water wells, four ground water measuring points will be established, which will record the levels in the middle layer of the shell limestone. In the measuring points next to the stratigraphic arrangements, geophysical measurements, chemical investigations and age dating procedures will be performed. Also regeneration measures should take place in several wells. With these findings and together with the analyses of group pumping trials and recording of the ground water flow system in the quaternary and shell limestone the application documents will be prepared.